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Dec 2011
OPERATION: Time Capsule

God wants us to have a light grip on the material things of this world and to look for His soon return. This time capsule will serve as a model of what we are called to do with the things that are important to us and define who we are. ...

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Nov 2011
OPERATION: Thankful Tree

All throughout the Bible, we are encouraged and instructed to give thanks to the Lord, even in difficult circumstances. Often times, we forget how great God is and has been to us so it helps to write it down so we can remember when we feel that God is far from us...

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Nov 2011

911 is a phone number we hope we never have to dial, but it is there to provide protection and help in the event of an emergency.  The Bible is the same type of tool.  You can find help for anything within it's pages....

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