Share Your Testimony

Many lives have changed from someone sharing their testimony about how they came to Christ, relating a story about how God helped them in a time that they needed Him the most, or sharing an experience that helped them grow in Him.  This page is designed to help you share your faith, stories, and experiences.

Please share and let us know how God and Project 22 Six has helped you, your family, and your relationships.

Thanks for sharing.


  1. Great site! I love the emphasis on pouring God’s Word into our kids and training them up to serve Jesus. I grew up in a Christian home, and as a kid, I knew the basics of the Christian faith in my mind, but never applied it in my life growing up. It wasn’t until I was grounded in a inductive Bible study that I was able to apply these principles that would change my life. I am confident in the Bible’s ability to bring about the change in a life that God intends and it is so nice to have a place where I can spend time with my kids and not waste an opportunity to give them the Word. Keep up the great work!! Lord Bless you

    • Thanks Joe for the great words. Let us know how the “Operations” help you and your family grow in Christ.
      Your brother in Christ,
      Red Condor

  2. This is a great idea and resource for families. My children are young but I look forward to doing some of these as they get a little older.

    By the way, when I was a kid i would bring the shopping cart back but my dad told me that I was taking someone’s job by doing that. Considering the unemployment rate…:)

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