OPERATION: Time Capsule

OPERATION: Time Capsule

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God wants us to have a light grip on the material things of this world and to look for His soon return. This time capsule will serve as a model of what we are called to do with the things that are important to us and define who we are. By placing them into the Time Capsule, we are putting our treasure somewhere where we can’t get to it, like when we store up treasures in Heaven. While we are waiting to open the Time Capsule, we are in essence looking for the return of Christ, where we will be blessed with eternal rewards.

Materials Needed:

  • Container (shoe box, metal lunch box, 3” PVC pipe w/caps)
  • Everyday items (representative of your everyday life)
  • Documentary items (newspaper, magazines, pictures)
  • Sealable Polyethylene bags (Glad, gallon size) 
  • Optional decorations (paint, stickers, pens)
  • Data Collection Worksheet, click here


  1. Get a container that will be your Time Capsule. Anything can serve as your Time Capsule (shoe box, metal lunchbox, 3” PVC pipe).
  2. Get your family and friends to contribute items to the Time Capsule. Some items that will work well in your Time Capsule are pictures, newspaper with date, magazines, letters to yourself of where you think you’ll be when opened, etc.
  3. Set a retrieval date to open your Time Capsule; the longer, the better (anywhere from 5-10 years).
  4. Choose a location to hide your Time Capsule. Attics or basements work well because it’s easy to access when you want to open, or bury by a well known landmark (keep in mind that if you’re going to bury your capsule, you will need a water-proof container that you can glue shut).
  5. Have a sealing ceremony where all of the items are placed in the Time Capsule and closed shut until the retrieval date.
  6. You can even register your time capsule with the International Time Capsule Society so you will not forget (http://www.oglethorpe.edu/about_us/crypt_of_civilization/time_capsule_questionnaire.asp)


  • (Download the Data Collection Sheet on the left)
  • What container will you choose for your time capsule?
  • What items are important to you that you will place in there?
  • Where will you store it? The attic? Will you bury it? Will you encase it in cement?
  • How long will you leave it for?  When will you open it?

Life Application:

God is concerned that our hearts will be pulled towards the things of this world if we allow our attention to be focused on material things. This does not mean that God does not want us to have things in our lives to enjoy, just as long as they have a proper position. If we find ourselves thinking and dreaming about certain things constantly, we need to ask God to change our hearts. Our hearts and our treasures need to be put into eternal things where we know that they will pay out eternal rewards and never be ruined.

  • Is there anything in your life that is consuming your thoughts and time?
  • What do you think that God would want you to do with this?

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