OPERATION: Thankful Tree

OPERATION: Thankful Tree

Materials Needed:

  • Branch from a tree or bush
  • Leaves or paper cut-out leaves
  • Plant pot
  • Craft sand or potting soil
  • Paper clips or Christmas ornament hangers


All throughout the Bible, we are encouraged and instructed to give thanks to the
Lord, even in difficult circumstances. Often times, we forget how great God is and has
been to us so it helps to write it down so we can remember when we feel that God is far
from us. We need to put to memory Hebrews 13:5, which promises us that “…For He
Himself has said, I will never leave you or forsake you.” For this Operation, you will be
able to write down and share with your family and friends ALL the wonderful things that
you are thankful for and give God all the glory! Enjoy…


  1. Build your Thankful Tree by going outside and finding a branch from a tree/bush or ask your parents to help you cut one down
  2. Gather fallen leaves or cut some out of colorful paper
  3. Plant the branch in a pot with some craft sand or potting soil
  4. As your family members and friends come over for Thanksgiving dinner, have the kids give each person a leaf and have them write down something for which they are thankful
  5. Use paperclips or Christmas tree ornament hangers and hang the leaves on the branch


Was it easy to remember the things that you’re thankful for? If not, why do you
think that it was so hard to remember the good things in your life as opposed to the
difficult things?

  • As you read the leaves, what feelings do you have? Does it make your heart happy to see all of God’s blessings?
  • What was the “greatest” blessing that is on your tree?
  • Do you believe that God loves you and wants good for His children?
  • Do a word study in the Bible on “giving thanks” and write down a few of your favorite verses (1 Chronicles 16:34, Psalm 30:12 are 2 verses to get you started!)

Life Application:

God wants to bless His Children and those that love Him. When we abide in
Him, we keep ourselves close to the source of life and blessings and we get to see His
working in our life. This does not mean that nothing bad will ever happen, but when the
tough times come, we are confident that He is always with us! Take comfort if you are
going through difficulties and make yourself remember the wonderful things that He has
done. Make it a habit to write down your blessings and your perspective on the present
trials will change. Keep your eyes on Him and enjoy your walk with Him!

For the OPERATION: Thankful Tree workbook click here


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