OPERATION: Testimony

OPERATION: Testimony


Materials Needed:

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Your memory
  • Tape recorder / Video camera (optional)


One of the most effective weapons that we have in our Christian “toolbox” to share what God has done in our lives is our personal testimony. People may challenge Scripture or argue about God, but no one can deny your personal experiences with Him. Your testimony takes people from knowledge into the realm of a relationship with God.

After Jesus had cast out the legion of demons from the Gadarene man, he begged Jesus to stay with Him. Instead, Jesus told him to return to his house and “tell what great things God has done for you.” (Luke 8:39) The Apostle Paul knew the power of his personal testimony with unbelievers, and rather than giving them Scripture, he shared his testimony on six different occasions (Acts 22-26).

Let’s see what makes up a personal testimony…


The most basic outline for a testimony consists of three parts:

    1. Before – (the way I was before I became a Christian)
      • What type of attitude did you have?
      • What was the focus of your life?
      • What made you happy?
      • What problems did you have?
    2. How – (how I became a Christian) Describe what happened
      • When did you first hear the Gospel?
      • How many times did you hear the Gospel before you put your trust in Christ?
      • Who shared the Gospel with you?
      • Did you struggle with your decision?
    3. Since – (How my life has been changed by Christ)
      • Be sure to include trials that you have encountered and how Jesus has brought you through

Tips for sharing your testimony:

  • Write out your testimony, a long (3-10 mins) and a short version(less than 2 mins)
  • Make sure to include Scripture, making the Word of God part of your testimony
  • Give God the credit for the change in your life
  • Be realistic and don’t exaggerate; don’t make your past sound better than your current life in Christ
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Share with humility and excitement and share your testimony with EVERYONE!


Interview your family and friends and write down the main points of their personal testimony in the TESTIMONY Workbook

Now, it’s your turn to write your testimony (use the Sharing Your Testimony Worksheet, download it here). Once you have finished writing your testimony, please share it with us at the “Testimony” page here at project22six.com. Lord Bless you!!


Life Application:

You are a messenger of God, so share what He has done for you. Your testimony is unique…there is nobody else that has one exactly like yours in the entire world. Do not believe the lies of the Devil that you have nothing to share; he’s just trying to keep you silent and ineffective.

Our testimony talks about what we were saved from, but we also need to focus on the things that we have been saved to. List these things

What are some of the riches that we have in Christ? (see Phil 4:19)

In Galatians 4:7, we are called an “Heir of God.” What does that mean to you and what comes with the title of being an Heir of God?


Download the OPERATION: TESTIMONY Workbook here for an area to write down your observations and work on this mission.


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