OPERATION: Missionary Intelligence

OPERATION: Missionary Intelligence














Materials Needed:

  • Missionary
  • Computer w/ internet access
  • Notebook Paper
  • Pen or Pencil


The Bible gives us a clear example that Missions is a partnership.  It is a team effort of those who go and those who send them out.  Missionaries are the deputies of the churches, who go out for them taking the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.  Standing with them in friendship, prayer, and monetary support is God’s plan and our responsibility, opportunity and privilege.



1. Find a missionary who you’d like to know more about.  (Maybe they are sent out from your church or use the Calvary Chapel Missions Interactive Map at CalvaryMagazine.org to find a missionary)

2. Use the internet to learn more about the location your missionary lives.

  • city, country, continent
  • main language spoken
  • national religion
  • population
  • country’s political structure
  • major sources of income
  • average income
  • foods eaten

3. Find out how you can stay connected with what is happening with your missionary

  • newsletter
  • Facebook
  • webpage
  • Twitter
  • blog
  • email subscription
  • etc.

4. What needs does your missionary have?

  • prayer
  • supplies
  • financial
  • etc.

5. Use Google Maps or Google Earth to take a virtual trip to where your missionary lives.  While you’re visiting, spend time praying for the needs of your missionary and the people they are reaching for Jesus.



What did you learn about your missionary, the place they are serving and the people they are reaching for Jesus?



Paul’s letter to the Philippians is filled with joy despite being in prison while writing.  The church in Philippi was special to Paul as they shared in his trials through prayer and financial support.  Even though we may not be able to be full time missionaries, we have the ability, responsibility and privilege to support those who have been called to full time missions.  Pray for our missionaries.



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