Did dinosaurs exist? Did they walk the earth with man?  If we look at Genesis we read that God created ALL living creatures on the 5th day and then created man on the 6th.  As we keep looking forward we see that Noah took 2 of every kind of animal on the ark.  Dinosaurs would have to be included in that.  You say, “But there was not enough room.”  Maybe they we adolescent.  They would be smaller, easier to manage,and would live longer to reproduce more.  Look at all the diversity we have now from just two people, Adam and Eve.

Continuing on, God has a discussion with Job and asks him to look at the Behemoth.  Was the behemoth an elephant?  Elephants don’t have tails like ceders.  There are many different views on what this animal was, but I submit to you that it was a dinosaur.  A big beautiful hand made by God, dinosaur.  Lets have some fun digging up and thinking about what life would of been like with the behemoth walking the earth.

For more on dinosaurs, watch this great video.  It’s long but you can break it up.  The info is fantastic and Kent is a great, funny teacher.

Creation Seminar by Kent Hovind


  • Small plastic dinosaur toys, legos, dinosaur skeletons, or other things that would be fun to dig up on an expedition
  • Small to medium size container
  • Plaster or just sand
  • Digging tools
  • Brush
  • Hammer
  • Chisel


  1. Gather up the things you will burry, do this a few days out so that the plaster has time to set
  2. Place a little plaster in a container
  3. Add your dinos or other materials/fossils
  4. Cover them in plaster.
  5. Add some leafs and rocks
  6. Once dry, go on an expedition.
  7. Use your excavation tools and see what you can find.
  8. You can also purchase a “Dig-a-Dino” kit at hobby stores, online stores, or here at the bottom of the page.


  • Where else can you find references to dinosaurs in the history?
  • What other animals are now extinct? How did they become that way?
  • What animals are protected now?  Why are they protected?

Life Application

Just as dinosaurs may have been hunted to extinction or died off due to climate and food changes, what in my christian life is the devil trying to kill off.  Is it my morning devotion time with Him?  Is it my morals and virtues?  My decision making and thought process?  What tools is he using to to accomplish his evil goals?  What tools do I have to counter act the wiles of the devil.  Am i fighting the fight suited up in my armor (Ephesians 5)?  Do I have an active prayer life?  God is there for us 24 hours a day every day of our lives.  If you need help call to Him and he will be there.


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